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Dutch religious policy
French king who invaded the Netherlands
Stadtholder of Holland
Major facets of Dutch prosperity (3)
Dutch company which displaced Portuguese dominance in E. Asia spice trade
Dutch industry which did not decline with the rest
Two models of government development
Increases in war costs caused governments to look for sources of _________.
Stuart's custom duties
At the Hampton Court Conference of 1604, James rebuffed the _________ (religious group).
James I's rumored homosexual lover
James I roused opposition by concluding peace with _________.
Succeeded James I
Parliament would only grant funds to Charles if he recognized this 1628 document
Charles I advisor who allowed him to rule without Parliament for some time
Charles I's religious policy provoked war with this country (hint: Battle of Newburn winner)
April-May 1640 Parliament meeting
Battle of Newburn winner
1640-1660 Parliament meeting
January 1642, Charles tries to invade _________.
Measure passed to give Parliament authority to raise its own army
English ruler during the Interregnum
Under Cromwell, England became a ________ republic.
Cromwell conquered Scotland and _______.
Leader after Oliver Cromwell's death
Passed by Parliament during Charles II's rule to exclude Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, and Independents from official life of the nation
Charles II pledged to announce his conversion to _______ as part of a pact with France against the Dutch
Charles II issued (1672) to suspend laws against Catholics and non-Anglican Protestants
Parliament issued in response to Declaration of Indulgence
William and Mary replace James II without war
William and Mary accepted a ________ to limit their power.
(1701) Provided English crown to go to House of Hanover if Anne died without issue.
George I advisor who took over the helm of government
Groundwork for Louis XIV's absolutism laid by Cardinals ______ and _________.
French noble rebellions 1649 - 1652.
Regional judicial bodies under Louis XIV
Louis XIV's palace
Defended divine right theory (French)
L'etat, C'est moi
Minister who helped Louis raise a powerful army.
Triple Alliance against Louis XIV in War of the Devolution
Louis XIV took away _______ liberties.
Louis XIV revoked this edict
Louis fought the League of Augsburg during this war
England, Holland, HRE alliance during Spanish Succession
War in which France went in underprepared and England got Gibraltar
Person who organized a monopoly called the Mississippi Company
Duke of _____ after Louis XIV sparked nobility's pressure for more power
Policy in Polish diet whereby any member could disband the body.
Habsburg's power shifts to outside of ________ after 1648.
Provided legal basis for a single line of inheritance within the Habsburg dynasty
Prussian dynastic family
Great Elector
Prussian alliance with HRE in War of Spanish Succession allowed them to gain a ______.
Frederick ___ (number) upset Pragmatic Sanction and invaded Silesia.
Peter came to power on the shoulders of the _____.
Russian Nobility
Did Peter support or attack traditional Russian culture?
(1700-1721) Peter's war vs. Sweden to gain Baltic port
Peter's published table which established promotion based on merit

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