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What is the first recorded Salinor song?
From what recreation was the name 'Salinor' created
What causes the sudden slow-down in the middle of 'birds'?
Which song from 'Stickle' features Pat on slide guitar?in the opening you hear alex saying 'we're all even, it sounds awesome'
What is the date in 'LAN Party Picnic'?
Who makes us bread?
Kids these days don't understand what it's like to....
Something that not everybody has.he likes markets
The Matrix-Footloose movie was thought up in this song.
Live version of this song mentions Kevin Gaffney
Only song where Kyle plays a dead notes beat throughout the entire song
The terrorists can shoot me but they will never let me bleed because..
What did the w.h.o.r.e. say to the chapstick man everytime he put his tongue in her mouth?
This album title was taken from Kyle's downstairs televison when it was broken.
Only album to include drums on every song
Someone we never thought we would sing about...
first song to be written prior to recording italex plays saxophone
Place where people are living like it's 1493oh yeah, there's lots of water
'into the windshield his testes went and into the truck driver's helmet eyes were....finish the lyric
'I can't spell neutral or hello'
Our whole world has gone to hell in 'Are you melting?' because this person is melting
What is the name of the hog who is a friend in 'barnyard friends'
This drink powered the majority our salinor's latest album
These are cool....and you can put frosted flakes in them
One of the only three album songs that Kyle is not part of3 possible answers
This is something that John does on 'Magic Focus' that has never done on any other album
What instrument do Stefener's parents play in 'richvile'?
What did Mao Zedong carry under his arm to float to the surface of the Atlantic ocean?
If you were Johnny Leapfrog you wouldn't really understand...
who is getting pissed on in 'Salute the Wolf'?
These things lay gold eggs....and they talk like Rosie O'Donnellthey are for luck
'It's me who has the outie and now my life is cut short'
In 'dear wife' the man likes to buy side of mayanoise and put it on what?
Where does Pennsyltucky commence in 'Don't Plagiarize Bruce Springsteen'?
At what age was Amable Simpson born?
The first line of 'wake up terrorists'.9 words
What gets choked on in 'The Big Ocean'
'She's out west, showing off her breasts to an old man with his best impressions of a gambling man'
John's singing in 'Out of Existance' is like this singer.
What answer does John give the teacher in 'emo too skinny' when she asks him to answer 9x9?
The dollar llama likes...
Where did Fredderick Wheel's pet clam come from?
'I like to go home and sit on my back porch and chew on beef jerky'
What does John do with human heads he gets from battle in 'Ogre Theme 1'?
The only album to not feature Sam.
Mark broke a string halfway through this songits on everyone to the circus
Where are you going if you wear a puffer coat?
The dog catcher is not equipped in 'Running Amok' he only has a....
Ebay was nice for a while, but...
The only song that we broke down laughing during (2 times)not on any albums

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