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Can you name the box animal names in KHR?

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Name in EnglishAnswerUser / Nickname
Rain PelicanOlgert
Peacock of SerenityLussuria / Kuu
Cloud VelociraptorKikyo
Spectral Sea SlugsGenkishi
Sky PegasusDino / Scuderia
Electro BoarDendro Chilum
Heavy Rain SharkSqualo / Alo
Vongola Mist OwlChrome & Mukuro / Mukurou
Demon BearNigella Beankabul
Storm MoleUnknown
Heavy Rain ElephantOlgert
Mist Star FishViper
Storm ScorpionsBianchi
Storm Stag BeetleBaishana
Mist OwlChrome & Mukuro / Mukurou
Sun SpidersGinger Bread
Vongola Sun KangarooRyohei / Kangaryu
Sky LionXANXUS / Bester
Sky Lion Version VongolaTsuna / Natsu
Storm MinkBelphegor / Mink
Vongola Lightning BuffaloLambo / Gyuudon
Black FoxGamma / Colulu & Widget
Sky TurtleDino
Name in EnglishAnswerUser / Nickname
Storm SerpentBaishana
Electric RayLevi / Livya
Sky Storm LigerXANXUS / Bester
Electric FoxesGamma / Colulu & Widget
Storm LeopardGokudera / Uri
Giant ShellBluebell
Cloud Hedgehog Version VongolaHibari / Roll
White DragonByakuran
Vongola Rain AkitaYamamoto / Jirou
Sun RhinoDaisy
Rain OwlGlo Xinia
Storm TigerUnknown
Cloud CentipedesLal Mirch / Zamza
Storm CatGokudera / Uri
Storm Cat Version VongolaGokudera / Uri
Rain DolphinBasil
Storm BatsRasiel
Vongola Rain SwallowYamamoto / Kojirou
Sky HorseDino / Scuderia
Cloud HedgehogHibari / Roll
Mist Sea SnakesTorikabuto
Rain Giant SquidGlo Xinia

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