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Can you name the 4-letter answers to this Meme-themed ladder?

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•• With final rung, a bait-and-switch linking viewers to a 1987 hit video ••
Staple food in many Asian countries
To sit in a vehicle in motion
•• The best course of action when they're rapin' everybody out here ••
To employ the services of
Rodent-like mammal similar to a rabbit
Article of merchandise; A good
Sound made by Chocobos from Final Fantasy
•• Method of travel one simply does not use to get to Mordor ••
To stop, refuse to proceed
To lie exposed to warmth or sunlight
•• All of this commodity of yours are belong to us ••
Without covering; nude
Minstrel; Professional medieval poet
•• Nicolas Cage's hair being in this shape renders your argument invalid ••
To fasten, tie up, or secure
A company of musicians
What a moderator does to unruly users
Containers; Purses
Threadbare, tattered or torn clothing
•• Crude drawing of angry face exclaiming 'FFFFUUUUUUUU-'; Quitting in extreme frustration ••
An enclosure or prison, often of bars or wire
Actress ____ Blanchett that played Galadriel in LOTR
•• Source of numerous memes, including long, ceiling, and nyan varieties ••
Penetrates or divides
Places something in a location or state
Small, young dogs
Interim stage of metamorphosing insects
Brazilian sports car; Cougar
•• Man dancing and lip-syncing to a European pop song often referred to as ____ ____ ••
Lacking physical sensation; Incapable of emotion
The condition of being unable to speak
The act of breaking up with someone
Moist; Slightly wet
Object at times found to contain genies
Crippled; Decidedly uncool
Narrow, marked passage defining a route
Something that ruins or causes death; Batman villain in Dark Knight Rises
One of many pieces composing the skeleton
Skinny, emaciated; Having prominent cases of previous rung
•• Brohoof inspiring series 'My Little ____' ••
Common moniker for a pill bug
Sampling of opinions
•• With first rung, a bait-and-switch linking viewers to a 1987 hit video ••

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