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•• Cautious, gout-afflicted Prince of Dorne ••
Radio navigation system chiefly replaced by GPS
•• Handsome and skilled youth, known as the Knight of Flowers ••
Units of time used in phonology to determine syllable weight
Primarily tropical eel of the family Muraenidae
1960's American progressive rock band, _____ Grey
Alternate spelling of unruly dog's name in movie starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston
•• Surname of the fat but intelligent 'Slayer' ••
To remain, wait for, or delay
First name of 'The Boy Who Lived'
Mythological beast portrayed as a melding of woman and bird
Stringed instruments often plucked with both hands
Mechanical companion mascot of Gundam series (pl.)
Glowing rings typically found accompanying divine beings
Common shortening of the term Hologram (pl.)
A mathematical entity that is made up of one or more independent quantities
•• Large, gentle simpleton capable of saying only 1 word ••
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•• Mute, bald, and terrifying King's Justice ••
Laura Hyland's musical group Clang _____, OR homophone for word meaning of sound mind
Broadway musical songwriter, Jule _____
First villain to use moniker Iron Monger, played by Jeff Bridges in the 2008 Iron Man movie
To intently or fixedly gaze at something
•• Lords of the North, known by their sigil of direwolf ••
Emitted a strong, offensive odor
A swagger, OR actress who played a boxer in an Academy Award winning 2004 movie
•• Member of the Kingsguard, sent to Dorne with the remains of a Mountain ••
Male admirer or lover, OR first woman to vote in US general election
American author famous for his Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
A connected series of vehicles that are propelled along a track
Central part of a particularly jittery system. Deals with all matters grey.
Norwegian football club SK _____, OR youngest of 3 Bronzebeard brothers
•• Wolfish sellsword with a black humor and fondness for dwarves ••
Obsolete sword classification, OR 1987 TV drama
City in Denmark, OR first half of surname of Norwegian politician Gro Harlem _____tland
Tied, made fast, or secured
•• Loyal, adept Lannister retainer with a fear of fire ••

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