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Can you name the FFT spells and abilities by their quotes?

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QuoteAbilitySkill Set
Life is short...Bury! Holy Sword
Summon all ghosts of the sword! Attack!Draw Out
Life's refreshing breeze, blow in energy!White Magic
Destroy evil magic!Destroy Sword
Fight for justice...fists of fury! Punch Art
Curses from all directions!Mighty Sword
Master of all swords, cut energy!Dark Sword
Bear down with land energy!Summon Magic
Out of the ground, raze all greenery with flame! Black Magic
Wind, fade to silence and light, give us power!Summon Magic
Innocent sword, slash evils and protect! Draw Out
Burning anger rising...Burst!Punch Art
The devil's spirit of restlessness...Holy Sword
Freezing wind, speak of forgotten truths!Black Magic
Time's current, place me in your whirlpool!Time Magic
Mighty breeze, heal from the sky!White Magic
Stop with a mighty blow!Destroy Sword
Deadly rumbles, strike from the sky!Truth/Untruth
Star fire, awake and deliver your judgement!Black Magic
Absorb power in the sky and strike!Holy Sword
Nihilistic sky, inhale magic power...Draw Out
Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power!Black Magic
Pure light, shine on bloody impurity! White Magic
Seek the true tone to form our will...Yin-Yang Magic
Destroy all time! Destroy Sword
Spirits of life, return to us!White Magic
Great tree of life, inject rotten extract!Yin-Yang Magic
Share lives with all things in nature...White Magic
Slash away with the Land's fury!Summon Magic
Inject life's energy!White Magic
Impart light to fight our holy war!Summon Magic
Clear with a mighty breeze!Truth/Untruth
Death gods craving live, take their souls!Black Magic
Heavenly wind, carry us to the fountain of power!White Magic
Scatter frozen blades of air!Summon Magic
Reason with confusion, judge with recklessness...Brave Insanity!Yin-Yang Magic
Sword of fury, inject power!Draw Out
QuoteAbilitySkill Set
Suffering spirits, to eternity! Break Seal!Yin-Yang Magic
Cast down to hell with your fingers!Punch Art
Kupo! Round and round you go!Summon Magic
Smash all hunger for destruction...Yin-Yang Magic
Silent light, shield from evil! White Magic
Filthy blood of revenge, inject! Black Magic
God is watching...have faith!Yin-Yang Magic
Master of creation, impart thy help!Summon Magic
Yagumo rising, all who know god! Draw Out
Conjurors, seek truth in silence...Yin-Yang Magic
Strip away the ground with glistening blades! Black Magic
Earth-minded soul, protect us!Summon Magic
Flame-eating sword, swipe away the evils!Draw Out
Effortless water, break your silence, attack! Black Magic
Spirits of time, hide us from the judging hand of God!Time Magic
Sea fang, attack with water's power!Summon Magic
Revenge with dark-evil spell!Time Magic
Shining light, protect from all directions!White Magic
Evil flames, entrust your power to us!Summon Magic
Destruction of nature, gather in flame!Black Magic
Time, rest and give your kindness to the worthy!Time Magic
Shiny crystal light, energize!Summon Magic
No more loss of precious life...Draw Out
Death song, death door, death river awaiting!Summon Magic
Land of mercy, loosen tight fists!Time Magic
Cowards, weak, those rushing to die!Yin-Yang Magic
Inscript the Dark god into a rotting body!Black Magic
Lose conscious, wash away into the silent sea...Yin-Yang Magic
Attack by the Master of commandments!Summon Magic
The doom of a planet...Holy Sword
Precious light, be our armor to protect us!White Magic
Time has come...crash down on the wicked!Time Magic
Heaven's wish to destroy all minds...Holy Sword
Know, live, become a frog!Black Magic
Armor won't help the heart stay sharp...Mighty Sword
Heavenly Bolts, come bring God's justice! Black Magic
Spell break, turn into an avenging light!Time Magic
QuoteAbilitySkill Set
Disaster cries out to smash all...Mighty Sword
Guiding light, shed magic power from above! Yin-Yang Magic
Cut open the water filled skies and pour!Truth/Untruth
Enduring light, shield from roaring magic!White Magic
King of flames, burn into cinders!Summon Magic
Smouldering flames far below, punish the wicked!Black Magic
Spirits of life, give a new life to the soul!White Magic
Dead or alive...slash magic power!Dark Sword
Mindless, spiritless, hear the immutable beat...Yin-Yang Magic
Life's refreshing breeze, heal from the sky!White Magic
Flames, gather and destroy!Truth/Untruth
Ancient light, rise and revive! White Magic
Black sheep of evil times, cover our light!Time Magic
Underground souls, rumble! Quake!Truth/Untruth
Layer upon layer make your mark now...Time Magic
Evil souls of the dark, gather here...Draw Out
Destiny lies in my hands! Stop movement! Starry Heaven
Angry spirits of the world, strike now!Black Magic
Blessing breeze, blow in energy!White Magic
Illusions, lies, to heaven!Yin-Yang Magic
Restore lost time in the spiral line...Time Magic
Scorch with dragon flame!Summon Magic
Earth's anger running through my arms!Punch Art
All light fall into darkness! Bound darkness!Yin-Yang Magic
Brush off vanity and show reality!Guts
Demolish weapons with fury! Mighty Sword
Windy god, strike enemies silent!Summon Magic
Destroy magic attack power!Destroy Sword
Scatter your chilly sharp blades!Black Magic
Brave weapon, turn to a deadly blaze! Draw Out
Obey the sky's will, slow time down! Time Magic
Legendary sword that kills freely!Draw Out
Land of all lives, suppress all rebels!Time Magic
Drifting breeze, come down with fury! Black Magic
All is illusion after this evening bell!Truth/Untruth
Lost energy...raise the heart rate! Yin-Yang Magic

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