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'Oooh you remind me, yeah / You remind me of such sweet memories'
At the very moment that Vivendi/Universal was unveiled, ___ could claim ownership of more than 1,200 radio stations.
A report on soul music.
When Mary J. Blige first uttered the opening lines to 'You Remind Me,' it was about making sure that hip-hop remembered that ___ came from the same streets where crackheads roamed
R&B was born out of ____ - record companies tried to negotiate the realities of black culture and identity within the history of race relations in America while trying at the same.
...became fixated on crossing over black artists to white consumers, terms like '_______' quickly became too black.
As black radio needed mainstream advertisers to court the emerging ____ and mainstream record labels...
Interpretation of Mary J. Blige song.
As R&B began to be viewed as the quintessence of ____, the more grittier aspects of black popular music began to disappear from the program list of some urban radio outlets in the
The more bluesier aspects of the sound and its references to black southern culture were the very ____ of many African-Americans.
The popped over P-Funk of ___ - one of the best selling black artists at the beginning of the post-soul era - was emblematic of the brave new world of R&B.
The product was known as ____, and the impact of this groundbreaking relationship continues to reverberate 33 years later.
What the report did advise was the CRG cultivate relationships with small independent lables, as was the case when CRG began a relationship with ____.
This brings us back to ____, the point person on both the PIR and Stax deals. Dismissed from Columbia in 1973 for financial irregularities, he had nonetheless instigated the distri
What the report details is the blueprint for the ____ label - essential based on a model of ____, where an imperialist power exploits the raw materials and talents of its
Along with #15
The colonial model creates a context where black artistic production is mediated by a commodity culture more interested in ____ than cultivating art or developing artists, and then
sold back to the masses as 'art' in the process ____.
The most significant and successful black 'botique' labels of the 1990s, ____ were developed in Clive Davis's house.
The ____ became the soundtrack for an upscale blackness as far removed from the plantations of the south as it was from the factories of the Midwest.
As the 1980s progressed R&B was increasingly out of touch with a generation of black youth consumers, especially as they faced down the venomous edge of the ____.
A telling sign was ss of Chaka Kahn's remake of Prince's '____' which featured an opening rap by Melle Mel.
Ultimately it took the sound christined the '____' to bring record lables and urban radio on board with the changing dynamics of R&B.
____ is generally recognized as the genius behind new jack swing, a sound that married the old-school harmonies of the black church with a hard rhythmic edge.
Riley might have been the true innovator of the swing, but ____ gave it public face.
Bobby Brown was referred to as the ____ by his wife Whitney Houston.
Before Bad Boy Entertainment there was ____.
The creator/brainchild of Uptown.
____ gets much of the credit for carrying hip hop over the crossover hump and created Bad Boy Entertainment.
Not surprisingly, ____ were one of Uptown's first successes, the group's 'We Got Our Own Thing,' produced by Riley in 1989, became the national anthem for the era of assymmetrical
Uptowns two signature acts, ____ and ____, defined the Uptown sound and the possibilities of a true hip hop and R&B hybrid.
Along with #31
Unlike the civil rights generation, which was often consumed with defending its legitimacy in the face of an all-too-present ____, the hip hop generation rejected the significance
What ____ did was bring the production values of hip hop to the R&B world.
Despite the success of hip hop soul and purveyors like Blige, Faith Evans and later Ashanti, the R&B world of the mid 1990s still allowed for the relatively old school stylings of
Telling in this regard is the fact that R&B vocalist Ashanti's breaktrough onto the upper tier of the pop charts, '____' featured a sample of Notorious BIG's 'One More Chance.'
All forms of urban music would begin the pop chart paper chase in pursuit of the new queen: ____.
On February 8, 1996, Bill Clinton signed into law the ____.
The independent label founded by Shawn Carter, Karreim Biggs, and Damon Dash.
The independent label founded by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin that would merge with Roc-a-Fella.
When Roc-a-Fella and Def Jam agreed to partner, a 40% share of the latter was sold to Polygram and bought by Seagram, creating the ____ which would later be acquired by the French
Along with #41
Along with radio ____ has come the emergence of nationally syndicated morning drive-time programming geared toward African-American and other ubran audiences.
An example of a morning show referenced in #43.
Targeting a specific market.

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