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Can you name the Greys Anatomy Characters?

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What club do Mark and Meredith think their in?
Zola has two siblings what are their names?
What was Arizona name after?
Who did Burke almost marry?
Who marry Henry Burton just for insurance?
What is the name of the bartender?
Sofia has many parents?
The name original five interns?
Zola is called what by Arizona?
Which one of them has three half-sisters?
Callie married who in Vegas?
What is Lexie full name?
What disease did Ellis and Adele have?
How many were Chief of Surgery?
What city did Addison move to?
How did George O'Malley die?
Who said ' adulterous love child' 'goes along with a adulterous sociopath'?
All names for the hospital
I'm a good man in a storm. Was said by
What is Callie's full name?

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