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Can you name the Concepts from Bowlby's Attachment Theory??

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What is a baby born with (ex:grasping,smiling,crying,and gazing)
What is the function of number 1?
What is the name of Bowlby's theory?
How many phases are there?
Why do infants respond more to caregiver over strangers?
What stage is the clear-cut attachment phase?
What is is called when a baby gets upset because the caregiver leaves?
Bewteen what ages does the fourth phase occur?
Why is a child not fearful of the caregiver not returning in the foruth phase?
What two things are important to Bowlby's theory?
What do emotional ties between a caregiver and child promote? (evolutilnary terms)
What is not the basis of attachment?
*Bonus: what is the name of our professor

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