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What does Tintin do in the early beginning of the movie?
Why is Tintin in the French Alps at the beginning of the movie?
What game is Tintin and Haddock playing at the hotel?
Who does Haddock see in his hallucination?
What does Snowy drink before falling into the river?
Who does Tintin confuse the Yeti for in the snowstorm?
What is Tintin's Chinese friend's full name?
What gives Tintin reason to believe Chang is alive?
Which companion, besides Haddock and Snowy, stays with Tintin the longest?
What machine do they find in the mountains?
Was Chang the only survivour?
When is their first actual encounter with the Yeti?
Why was Chang travelling in the first place?
What is the monk's word for snow?
Which monk gets a vision of Tintin & co and levitates?
Who took care of Chang?
Which material is Chang's yellow scarf?
What was the flight's original destination?
Which of the main characters are not present in the movie?
What are the last two words of the movie?

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