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Main character's name?
Tintin's job?
Tintin's companion?
Sadistic Japanese villain?
Most popular Tintin movie?
Name the grumpy captain?
Author's one regretted book?
Tintin's Double appears in this film?
Tintin visits USA?
Who was rescued by the Yeti?
The artist/creator of Tintin?
Tintin's supposed sexuality?
Swiss expert in ultrasonics?
Captain Haddock's butler?
Movie that stars Ranko the gorilla?
First UFO encounter in this film?
He carries a pendulum?
Do we know Tintin's last name?
Rascar Capac haunts this story?
Opera singer?
Chaplin-lookalike policemen?
Anti-Marxist propaganda movie?
Captain H's first mate on board?
The theme music composers?
Bianca's maid's name?
2011 Spielberg Tintin movie?
His alias is Di Gorgonzola?
Most inconvenient friend ever?
Tintin & Co saved by solar eclipse in?
The furthest away Tintin has been?
Kidnapped Prince Abdullah ?
Movie surrounding Calculus' project?
Tintin's first appearance ?
Film with a shark-shaped submarine?
Snowy's original french name?
It's original title was 'Coke in stock'?
Nationality of the alleged 'real Tintin'?
Opium hidden in crab tins in?
Title eponymous with a flower?
Has Tintin been to every continent?
What year was Tintin created?
Model ships with secret documents?
Did the gypsies steal the emerald in?
What color is the circle in the intro?
Meaning of 'Tintin' in polynesian?

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