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QUIZ: Can you name the asian horror movies?

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DescriptionMovie titleOrigin
Anthology of four stories, including the story of a stewardss mistress among other thingsThai
A phone call offers great money that increases for each challenge the listener will succeed Thai
An anti-social boy has locked himself in his room for 5 yearsThai
Seven nurses with each of their own disorders are haunted by a transvestite ghostThai
One pair of cursed shoes becomes the obession of every female who sees themKorean (S)
A young man is forced to swap his face and body with an old man's if he loses a gameKorean (S)
A cellist is haunted by strange events after a car wreckKorean (S)
Man finds himself locked in a room for 15 years without knowing whyKorean (S)
French chef swears revenge after a violent attack on his daughter's family in Hong KongChinese (HK)
A psychopath takes over a restaurant and serves his victim's meat as bunsChinese (HK)
A woman desperately tries to reverse the aging process by eating human fetusesChinese (HK)
An ugly female ghoul paints a face on daily to look beautifulChinese (HK)
Teacher takes revenge on two students who killed her daughter by infecting their milk with HIVJapanese
School class trapped on an island, forced to participate in a sick game with only one winnerJapanese
An ex-ballerina is chosen at an audition arranged by a widower who wants to find a new wifeJapanese
Hypnotist tricks people into killing while convincing a detective that he suffers from memory lossJapanese
A couple moving to Japan soon discovers that their house is hauntedAmerican Remake
A mysterious videotape causes the death of anyone in a week of viewing itAmerican Remake
A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographsAmerican Remake
A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural worldAmerican Remake

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