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Bow and arrows are my weapons of choise, the mockingjays stop singing when they hear my voice
You can call me the boy with the bread,but you'll understand if the Hunger Games you have read
My belly is never full, in the hunger games i used the trees as a tool
Sponsors are hard to find, but dont worry Katniss, i will be kind
I have a cat and a goat too, my sister says that i look like rue
A net and a trident is all I need, try to kill me and to death you'll bleed
I was the most clever in the games, but i lost to the girl with the flames
I'm a victor from district three, the wire is important i agree
When the girl was on fire i could hear the crowd, i made that costume and i felt proud
I was a peacekeeper and Katniss' friend, now i am an avox and that will never mend
Manners are the most impotant thing, from the districts to the capitol the tributes i bring
Even though in the movie i didnt appear, i gave the pin to katniss before she disappear
Katniss brings me game to make soup, don't worry it doesnt tastes like poop
Hope is the only thing stronger that fear i hate Katniss I hope it is clear,
I like to dye my hair blue, I interview the tributes that is a clue
Peeta Mellark is the one I hate, because katniss everdeen is the one he dates

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