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HintSong title
Thinking you're lucky, when really fame is not such a lucky way of life
Having a rocky relationship and feeling empty after it's over.
Loving someone despite it possibly being a bad idea and path to follow.
Knowing someone was no good, and you went for it anyway.
A guy you refuse to be in a relationship with again.
Loving him was many different emotions combined.
Never again letting someone in because they let you down every time.
Being in the happy state of falling in love and not looking at what's coming next.
HintSong title
Wanting to be with someone forever because they love you despite your imperfections.
You want to run back to someone, but despite your desire to, you don't.
Remembering a relationship as being good while it lasted.
A song about dreaming impossible things
Feeling happy and free in the best way.
Remembering a relationship like it was just yesterday.
Having a love where you are free and in a state of happiness.
Falling in love with someone new despite having been broken before.

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