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Forced Order
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HintTaylor Swift Song Titles
A song written as a joke by Taylor in response to the media's portrayal of her.
Missing someone and wanting them back.
Being betrayed by someone that you thought was a friend.
Finding a new love.
Being someplace brand new.
A magical place where magical events happen, but instead it talks of a relationship instead of the place itself.
A how-to guide on relationships from a girls' perspective.
A relationship that just keeps coming back everytime it dies.
HintTaylor Swift Song Titles
An anxious relationship filled with many doubts and worries.
What to do if haters are hating on you.
A relationship that has renewed itself.
Someone wanting you back after they pushed you away.
A song about falling in love even though you know it's not going to end well, but you hope the person remembers you fondly anyways.
Being always watched while in a relationship.
Being free of someone or something that was holding you back.

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