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carrier impulse away from cell body and towards axon terminal
nucleus with cytoplasm and cell organells
found in CNS- takes up excess neurotransmitter- nourishes- Blood-Brain barrier- filters toxins
releases neurotransmitters (ACh) stimulate thte next neuron or muscle
space btw schwann cell
recieves stimuli or impulse
always in sensory or afferent (to the brain)
'fatty material'-increases the rate of nerve impulse and insulates
found in the central nervous system, myelin sheath around axon (schwann cells of the CNS)
In the PNS they are always motor neurons, found also in the CNS, take messages away form the brain (efferent)
plasma membrane surrounding myelin, regenerates nerve fibers
impulse is strong enough this is triggered
only sensory neurons that are not unipolar, are interneurons used in olfactory (smell) and optic (sight), found in the brain
found in PNS and around axon of neuron

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