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From his hair to the book he carried throughout his war career, can you name these facts about America's first treasury secretary?

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Born? Month and day only since the year is disputed
Who did he marry?
What color was his hair?
Who shot him?
Who was his most bitter political enemy?
What book did he carry with him throughout the Revolutionary War?
Which of his sister-in-law's married rich and died young?
Who was his closest friend/possible love interest before he was killed in the Revolutionary War?
Who did he cheat on his wife with?
How long was the pamphlet in which he came clean about this affair?
Which of his son's was charged with writing a biography about him?
What was his last home called?
Which of his sons was killed in a duel?
Who killed said son?
How many of the Federalist Papers did he write?
Which Revolutionary War battle did he fight in?
When he wasn't fighting what was he?
What college did he go to?
Which political party did he lead?
What piece of money is he on?

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