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Can you name the Katherine C. Hon. Earth-Space Science Ch 16 Part 1?

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DefinitionVocab Word
December 21 or 22
Fourth layer of the atmosphere with no defined upper limit
The movement of Earth in its orbit
Spinning of Earth of it's axis
23 1/2 degrees south latitude
Temperature decrease in the troposphere
Term that refers to the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place
tiny solid and liquid particles
Line separating the dark half of Earth from the light half
23 1/2 degrees north latitude
DefinitionVocab Word
Earth is tilted 23 1/2 degrees from the perpendicular of its orbit around the Sun, which is called...
Third layer of the atmosphere
Layer of the atmosphere beyond the troposphere
Terms used to describe the nature of weather and climate
Layer of the atmosphere in which we live
June 21 or 22
September 22 or 23
Description of aggregate weather conditions
Form of oxygen that combines 3 oxygen atoms into each molecule

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