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Forced Order
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I've done some thinking of my own, and when I come home, I wanna be done, Don't wanna be famous no more.
Now I saw the moon divorce the sky, The remedy is worse than the disease, and slowly killing me.
And I don't think you'll ever want to love me, you've gotta listen to your doctor, doctors lie, lie, lie, if the dollar is right.
If we wake at, If we wake at all, We'll try to change, they say love will never mean a thing.
The moment, that's where I kill the conversation, wrap this up, with a lie that I'm enjoying every minute with myself.
To the end, never leave. Fall asleep on the first I face. And they say play the game. You and me found love lost under the shade.
Have you ever really danced on the edge? Is something still scaring you?
And if you don't find me on the front page, find a way to say that you saw me. And if you don't find me in a movie, find a way to say that you knew me.
You said you want someone who actually cares. But I'll say what I want, cause nobody's around when I talk. It feels better to fall asleep alone because that's the only way I know.
Say that the night sings alone, and if there's a God, then I'm letting him go.
And our lungs are begging us to calm down, and I scare myself with all that talk of severing, doing the best or so it seems.
No, at the top of our lungs, there's no, no such thing as too young. Second chances won't leave you alone...

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