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Original A, was bullied by Alison
Vice Principal at Rosewood High, Aria has a hallucination where he reveals that he knows about her and Ezra
Was at The Thornhill Lodge the night it burnt down, Cece Drake paid him to fake a flight plan to Delaware
Saved Alison while she was buried alive, helping Alison find out who threatened her
Other detective assigned to Wilden's murder, a liar kissed him
Becomes a cop, thought his mom committed suicide, when really she was murdered
Helped Aria learn about Maggie, kissed his brothers girlfriend,
Pastor at Rosewood Church, dated two of the liars moms
Used to be overweight, later became queen bee
Had a child with Ezra, child wasn't actually his, took money from Ezra's mom when she wasn't sure if he was the dad
Friends with Emily, and asks Emily to go to Thailand with her, kidnapped by revolutionaries in South America
State Senator, raised a child that wasn't hers
Loving and supportive mother, at first disapprove of daughters sexuality
'It girl' and 'Queen Bee'
Hanna's former fiancee
Redcoat and Black Widow
Artsy and alternative girl in the clique
Noted as the most intelligent and persistent of the liars
New member of the swim team, admires Emily, works for Uber A
Tried to rape Emily, also her ex-boyfriend
Good friend of Aria's, does martial arts but has an abdominal aortic aneurysm
Threatened Hanna, and got her drunk at a rehearsal dinner, used Hanna's phone to leak racy photos of herself
The first decent cop in Rosewood, hooked up with a liar in an elevator
Minor character, but was employed by Charlotte, employee at the Carissimi Group, which has financial relations to Radley Sanitarium
Was a patient at Radley, was killed by Bethany Young who later blamed Cece for the death
Typical, charming rich boy, who threw parties frequently
Hooked up with Wilden, and stole money
Divorced his wife, adoptive father of Charles
Talented swimmer, liars ex-girlfriend
Has multiple children with multiple women
Toby's wife who died in the hospital, had an abortion in high school
Had an affair, got back together with his wife
Members of Alisons 'army', twins
Charlottes doctor and secret lover, working with Mary Drake, ran over and killed by a liar
Often taunted and bullied at school by Alison and the others
Saw who killed Wilden, and as a result helped get Ashley Marin out of jail, liars ex-boyfriend
Dark skin, one of the decent cops in Rosewood
Married to a liars dad
Toby's partner, dated Alison
Teacher and Debate Team Coach at Rosewood High
Photographer, but he is an undercover cop, has a possible crush on a liar
Author of the books, but appeared on the show twice as two different people
Fell in love with Jenna, and was best friends with Alison, later killed by a liar
Pushed off the bell tower, and later found deceased with a suicide note
'Good looking' and 'charming' roomateof Melissa and Wren, who Spencer comes into contact with, Melissa and Wren's flatmate, hooked up/kissed Spencer
Used to fly with Alison, might have been in love with Alison, knew that 'Vivian' was really Alison
Lieutenant working with partner to solve Wilden's murder
Son of a minister and a dentist, liars ex-boyfriend, liar had a crush on him which Alison always taunted her about
Hit on a liar while engaged to another liars mom
Best friend, mentor, and cousin/adoptive sister of Alison
Moved in the old Dilaurentis house, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend
Paid by Alison to confess to kidnapping her, gave Alison the scar on her thigh
Was a patient at Radley, was Bethany's roommate, met Mona at Radley
Hooks up with a liar, and a publisher in Boston
Had a one-night stand with his ex-wife while in Rosewood, pays for his step-daughters college tuition instead of his real daughters tuition
Dated a liar, but played strip with the other, thought to be A
Black Swan and Queen of Hearts
A handsome and charming British doctor
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counsellor, had a crush on and attempted to kiss Spencer
Victim of a prank that resulted in her being blinded
Is married and has a husband, but hooks up with a liar anyway
Street-smart kid and former spy, fixes phones for money
Employee at the Brew, hooked up with a liar, gave Spencer weed
Engaged to a much younger guy, got back together with her husband
Members of Alisons 'army', twins
Had family services watching his family, had a heart condition, died during the time jump
Martial Arts instructor, hooked up with a liar
Has multiple sisters, dated his cousin unknowingly
Works part-time at the Rosewood Country Club, a liars love interest,
Knows crucial information about Marion Cavanaugh and Bethany Young, gave Ezra Bethany's drawing, works at Radley Sanitarium
Corrupt detective, hooked up with a liars mom
Older twin, was put in Radley for unknown reason, a liars biological mother
Had an affair with Byron Montgomery, drugged Aria
Therapist, who is chosen by the liars parents to help them deal with Alison's murder
Comes from an extremely wealthy family, so changes his last name
Charged for murdering Alison and Maya, but was later freed, a liar was trapped in a box with him
Mentally ill man who moves to Rosewood, was Maya's killer and stalker
Offered Aria cash to break up with Ezra, paid Maggie to get an abortion, paid Maggie to keep Malcolm a secret
Formerly engaged to Ezra, committed plagiarism
Sweet, caring, loyal
Thought to be Ezra's child
Broke into peoples houses, and suffered a lot as a result of his parents divorce
Dated Emily during season 2 for a short time
Had an affair, which resulted in a child, also a twin
Illegally painted a mural at Hollis, hooked up/kissed a liar while she had a boyfriend

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