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Can you name the origin and insertion of these canine muscles?

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Trapezius Origin
Cervical Trapezius Insertion
Thoracic Trapezius Insertion
Cleidocervicalis Origin
Cleidocervicalis Insertion
Rhomboideus Origin
Rhomboideus Insertion
Omotranversarius Origin
Omotransversarius Insertion
Serratus Ventralis Origin
Serratus Ventralis Insertion
Supraspinatus Origin
Supraspinatus Insertion
Infraspinatus Origin
Infraspinatus Insertion
Superficial Pectorals Origin
Superficial Pectorals Insertion
Long Head of Triceps Brachii Origin
Lateral Head of Trceps Brachii Origin
Long and Lateral Head of Triceps Brachii Insertion
Biceps Brachii Origin
Biceps Brachii Insertion
Deltoideus Origin
Deltoideus Insertion
Latissimus Dorsi Origin
Latissumus Dorsi Insertion
Longissimus Costarum (iliocostalis) Origin
Longissimus Costarum (iliocostalis) Insertion
Longissimus Dorsi Origin
Longissimus Dorsi Insertion
Multifidus Origin
Multifidus Insertion
Iliopsoas Origin
Iliopsoas Insertion
Tensor Fascia Latae Origin
Tensor Fascia Latae Insertion
Gluteus Medius Origin
Gluteus Medius Insertion
Vastus Lateralis Origin
Vastus Lateralis Insertion
Gluteus Superficialis Origin
Gluteus Superficialis Insertion
Gastrocnemius Origin
Gastrocnemius Insertion
Biceps Femoris Origin
Biceps Femoris Insertion
Semitendinosus Origin
Semitendinosus Insertion
Semimembranosus Origin
Semimembranosus Insertion
Gracilis Origin
Gracilis Insertion
Pectineus Origin
Pectineus Insertion
Extensor Carpis Radialis Origin
Extensor Carpis Radialis Insertion
Flexor Carpis Radialis Origin
Flexor Carpis Radialis Insertion
Flexor Carpis Ulnaris Origin
Flexor Carpis Ulnaris Insertion

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