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Can you name the Degrassi character from the problems they faced and their storylines?

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Forced Order
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Cocaine addiction, dyslexia, faked a pregnancy and miscarriage
went through teen pregnancy, has dyscalculia, wa photographed streaking
Went to reparative therapy, 'is an Irish twin', christian
Diet pills, Mother died, had a baby in her teens
Attempted to drown self, moms an alcoholic, cutter
Lost virginity by cheating on girlfriend, had his best friend die, is referred to as a narc because dad is a cop
Adopted, sent to jail,adopted parents killed by drunk driver
PTSD, had severe concussion, held back a year
Is a victim of cyber bully, diagnosed with life threatening disease, she is adopted
Was homeless, was in a gang, helped someone out of suicide
Lesbien, gonorrhea, stripper
Cutter, suicide, depression
Killed someone, applied for army, attempted suicide by trying to drown
Attempted suicide, teen father, stole and sold drugs
Cancer, found a kid who committed suicide, cheated on his wife
Girlfriend died, bipolar, ectasy
Cancer, been shot, adhd
Mother ran out on
Killed someone in self defence, physicallyand sexually abused, criminal record for underage drinking and beating up a girl at a club
ptsd, gonorrhea, anorexia
Shot, caught his dad having an affair, disabled
Cyber bully, had nudes that circulated via text message, poker addiction
Teen parent, considered ejumping off a roof, had 2 close friends die
Held back a year, abusive father, smoker
Rapist, in a gang, he shot 2 main characters
Considered getting nose job,Degrassi nudes, attempted to run away
Lost virginity in car, crush on teacher, muslim
Cyber bully, rage issues, went to a psychiatric hospital
Homophobic, sexually assaulted a classmate, facing jail time
Dad in the military, chronic marijuana smoker, participated in Degrassi nudes
Teen father, both parents were in jail. Previously stole cars
Dysgraphia, got a girl pregnant but never knew, was a bully but also got bullied

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