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Most powerful love potionA
Fleur Delacour's husbandB
Annoying photographer in GryffindorC
The first potion Slughorn had his class brew D
Card game popular with Hogwarts studentsE
Type of transportation using fireplacesF
Used to choose the champions for the Triwizard TournamentG
Gives light only to the person holding itH
Given to Harry by his fatherI
Quidditch commentatorJ
Course that can be taken by squibs to learn magicK
Death eater who tourtured Neville's parentsL
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and ProngsM
Filch's cat: Mrs. ______ N
Wand MakerO
Object that transports someone from one place to another when they touch it (like a football or a dolphin)P
First Defence Against the Dark Arts teacherQ
Contains smoke that turns red if you've forgotten somethingR
Astronomy professorS
One of Harry's roommatesT
Harry's fifth year Defence Against the Dark Arts teacherU
Malfoy fixed up the one in HogwartsV
Quidditch captain during Harry's first yearW
Luna Lovegood's fatherX
Death EaterY
Joke Shop in HogsmeadeZ

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