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Can you name the Book Of Mormon Musical Trivia?

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Where does Elder Price want to be sent?
What is Elder Thomas' nickname?
Where do Elder Young and Elder Grant get sent on their mission?
Japan: Land of soy sauce and ________
What year did Joseph Smith find the golden plates?
Who wants to be the next 'All-American Prophet'?
Who has the hell dream nightly?
What does Nabulungi 'text' people with?
Who did Elder McKinley have a crush on in 5th grade?
What rule does Elder Price break before having the spooky hell dream?
'You're making things up again ________.'
What is 'part four' of The Bible?
What does Gotswana, the villiage doctor, have in his scrotum?
Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Hitler appear in Elder Price's spooky hell dream. Who else?
Elder Cunningham thinks Nabulungi is a hot shade of black. Like a _____.
How do you say God in the Ugandans' language?
Who cannot remember Nabulungi's name?
'And if you order now we'll also throw in a set of __________.'
Wihch does Elder Cunningham prefer: Star Wars or Star Trek?
In 'Joseph Smith American Moses', how does Joseph Smith die?

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