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In a dystopian future (at the time of publication), the Party governs thought through the Two Minutes Hate, the concept of doublethink, and Room 101 for dissenters.1984
Ships, trains, and hot air balloons help Phileas Fogg and Passepartout win a bet; the International Date Line saves the day!Around the World in Eighty Days
Yossarian struggles with the irrationality surrounding the war in this novel, whose title became a common term for a logical paradox.Catch-22
Captain Nemo leads his crew against the threats of a sea monster and asphyxiation under the arctic ice.20000 Leagues Under the Sea
In a dystopian future, books are banned and burned upon discovery. At first, 'it was a pleasure to burn.'Fahrenheit 451
Comrades fight against the Cardinal Richelieu, and later Lady de Winter, in one of the most famous novels in French literature.The Three Musketeers
Both before and during the French Revolution, Charles Darnay is arrested on both sides of the English Channel; Sydney Carton saves his life while sacrificing his own.A Tale of Two Cities
Description Title % Correct
Billy Pilgrim jumps back and forth in time to relive the horrors at the Battle of Dresden in World War II. So it goes.Slaughterhouse-Five
A collection of amazing stories about djinns, seven voyages, and forty thieves are woven together by Scheherazade.A Thousand and One Arabian Nights
Accounts of drug and alcohol abuse are recounted in this 'memoir,' later found to be fiction and denounced by Oprah.A Million Little Pieces
Civil wars and uprisings bring violence to the once peaceful and isolated city of Macondo.One Hundred Years of Solitude
The title residence of the Pyncheon family has a terrible history: accusations of witchcraft, poverty, and the greedy Judge Pyncheon.The House of the Seven Gables
Mysteries surrounding Tristero and its symbol of the muted post horn culminate in the auctioning of a special stamp collectionThe Crying of Lot 49
Among the interconnected stories in this sprawling work are the murders of dozens of women in a Mexican border town, based on similar crimes at Ciudad Juarez 2666

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