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Can you name the Pretty Little Liars Facts (Books 1-7)?

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Who does Ella start dating after a while?
What is the first thing Hanna steals?
Mona's Old Best Friend
What does Alison's flag not have on it that she said it did?
What institution does Hanna go to?
Who did Mike Montgomery start dating?
The name of Hanna's favorite restaurante ?
What two people had brother problems ?
What is the name of Hanna's dog?
Which out of the 3 girls did Aria suspect was Ali's killer?
Who committed suicide at the end of the Second book? (Flawless)
Hanna's Boyfriend after Sean
Who do they think they saw in the fire?
The name of the mall
Hanna's Step Sister
What was Spencer's 'Real Mom's name?
Who did Issac believe? Emily or His mom
What did Emily find in the drawer of Issac's kitchen?
Which girl thinks she's Ali's Half sister?
What was the mental institution Jason went to?
What did Alison light into Toby's treehouse?
Who do Meredith and Byron move near?
Who's the one girl that still wears the bracelet that Ali gave them?
Who does Hanna give pills to?
Who told Ella about Meredith and Byron?
Byron cheated on Ella With
What's Noel Kahn's brother's name?
What did A text them at the end of the first book?
In book 3 (Perfect) What type of car did Hanna get hit by
Hanna's Dad's Fiance

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