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Forced Order
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ClueAnswerOther misc. info
Name of the original short story
Author of the short story
Year it was released
Tag LineOn the top of the theatrical poster
The Director
The man who created musical score
Actor who plays Andy Dufresne
Actor who plays Ellis Boyd Redding
Actor who plays Warden Norton
State it takes place in
Who did Andy supposedly murder
What crime does Andy help Hadley commit
Who does andy Help in the library
What animal does Brooks keep as a pet
What is the name of Brooks' pet
What does Andy petition to get built/expanded
What does Andy name the library
What is Andy's hobby
What opera does Andy play over the P.A
What composer does Andy 'listen' to in the hole
What job does Andy for the prison
What Rita Hayworth movie do the prisoners watch
What does Andy help Tommy get
Who kills Tommy
Who does Tommy say actually comitted the murders
ClueAnswerOther misc. info
What is the name of the group that assaults Andy
Andy's prison number
The whole is hidden behind a poster of whom
There is a poster of this man on his wallThe man who plays Andy was also in movie about this man
In what does Andy transport dirt out to the yard
Where does Andy hide his little rock hammer
In what did Andy crawl to freedom
What cover does Andy use to hide the clanking of the pipe
What does Warden Norton do when he sees he is about to be arrested
Where does Andy go after escaping
From where does Andy send a postcard to Ellis
In what city is candy box Andy left for Red
There is a picture of what on the candy box Andy leaves for Ellis
What is in the box Andy leaves for Ellis
In what city was it filmed
What farm were the exterior scenes filmedIt is a state park
In what building was it filmedAlso considered one of the scariest place in America
From what high school are the chairs in the library The chairs are still used today
Name one of the five actors who turned down the role of AndyThank God it went to who it did
Name one of the four actors who turned down the role for Ellis Boyd Redding
Whose photos are used as as Ellis Boyd Redding's mug shot
For how much were the film rights to the short story boughtAin't worth what it used to be
Ironically what part of the bible does Andy leave the page marker
What year was the actual Shawshank prison closed
What Martin Scorsese movie did the director use to develop time and narration

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