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Can you name the song titles from the synonymic clues provided?

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ClueSong TitleArtist
A sort of emptiness.Manic Street Preachers
I am unable to cease.Red Hot Chili Peppers
This winged mammal appears to have come from Satan's domain.Meatloaf
Reddish-yellow squash.R.E.M.
Continue to embark on sleep-induced neurological hallucinations.Aerosmith
This woman appears to follow her own characteristic kinetic patterns.The Kooks
Paranoid cerebra.Elvis Presley
The opposite side of the planet.KT Tunstall
Engage in clairvoyance with my brain.The Killers
Chimpanzee torque-applicator.Foo Fighters
Some kind of uprising.Fink
An overture tinged with sadness.The Verve
The touch of high voltage.MGMT
Merely observing.Stereophonics
He only told you to blow the bloody doors off.Madness
Human existence painted in a motion picture colourising process.Coldplay
I am unable to grasp the following axial rotation.Lostprophets
ClueSong TitleArtist
You may continue, wobbly male child.Kansas
You there! Return me to my dwelling!Slade
Untamed being.The Troggs
Physically-boosted leg thrusts.Foster the People
Unsteady and befuddled.Led Zeppelin
Improper pharmaceuticals.Bon Jovi
You there, Barbie's husband! What is the licensed bandwidth range of this radio station?R.E.M.
The Gandalf of the art of propelling ball bearings around controlled game environments.The Who
A military force formed of one more than six different countries.The White Stripes
Three hundred and thirty metres per second.Coldplay
My dear, it appears to be the apocalypse.R.E.M.
Birthed of annoyance.James
For example, Sir Galahad and Sir Bedevere in a pleasant little cul-de-sac.Hard-Fi
Precipitation of the eleventh month.Guns 'N' Roses
Spontaneous cosmic justice.John Lennon
My dear man, one could say you have the appearance of light scattering off nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere.Electric Light Orchestra
I appear to be unable to get any fulfilment.The Rolling Stones

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