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ClueSong TitleArtist
An emporium for purchasing many tools for home improvement purposes.Weird Al Yankovic
Eminence in the dawning hours.Oasis
The revised broadcast.Lostprophets
An addendum of one to the standard seven-day period makes what?The Beatles
Your very own deity-spawn.Depeche Mode
The unwelcome attackers must be eliminated.The Prodigy
Social contact can be scarce at increased altitudes.The Ordinary Boys
Rescue this evening.Eagle-Eye Cherry
Expiration must not be apprehended.Blue Öyster Cult
Greetings, and subsequently, adiós.The Beatles
Mildly attractive persons.Marilyn Manson
Do not cease with emplacing your faith.Journey
Live the life.Coldplay
Unpleasant dreams involving an alkane molecule with three constituent carbon atoms.Pendulum
Two strand-based electrical conductors touching could be said to be...Razorlight
A not-brilliant period of twenty four hours.R.E.M.
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.Vivaldi
Religious building on the Christian holy day.Green Day
A settlement named after the act of pretending to have qualities you don't.Lostprophets
A popular BBC television show starring John Simm.David Bowie
ClueSong TitleArtist
Standard method of communication for those stranded on desert islands.The Police
Rampant madness.Muse
A standard form of verbal alert or reprimand.Green Day
Much beloved offspring that I own.Guns N' Roses
The human male who we are unable to relocate.The Script
Forename of the arguably most famous presenter of You've Been Framed.Pearl Jam
The age group to which I belong.The Who
Islamic rulers of a style jazz movement.Dire Straits
Something you have which could be denoted with a lightbulb above the head.Orson
A popular Chinese dish consisting of mixed vegetables.System of a Down
Dwelling associated with the movement of the solar system's core in the early hours of the morning.The Animals
Piloting within my roadular vehicle.Madness
A bleached ceremony of marital union.Billy Idol
Rhythmic movement designed to prevent unnecessary injuries.Men Without Hats
Traversing aquatic bodies after dark.R.E.M.
You are imparting unto the emotion associated with affection a very untoward nomenclature.Bon Jovi
Cover it with an obsidian-coloured acrylic substance.The Rolling Stones
Someone (apparently) just walked over your grave, so you do what?Coldplay
Fifty percent illumination.Athlete
They like to think of themselves as being in charge of the 'free world'.Razorlight

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