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Forced Order
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HintShowmain character
A boy and a girl work together to be famous. The boy loves being on stage and the girl writes him songsAustin & Ally
2 girls a amazing dancers and perform their skills on TV.Cici & Rocky
A 15 year old girl takes video diaries for her 2 year old sister.Charlie
3 fishes go to high school and have great adventures.Bea,Oscar,and Milo
A 15 year old girl has to handle 4 kids and a pet lizard.Jessie
2 boys invent a bunch of fun stuff and their sister try to bust them.Phineas
2 boys take a world tour on a cruise line called the S.S Tipton.Zack & Cody
3 wizards secretly have a layer and have to solve problems themselves.Alex,Justin,and Max
3 talented kids go to a high school and practice their talents.Chyna,Olive,and Fletcher

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