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Forced Order
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Who was a real a-hole according to Chazz?
What is Jimmy's adopted father's name?
What is the name to the opening song of the movie?
In what city did Chazz make a name for himself in undergroud sewer skating?
The night is a dark time for everyone except:
What do the costumes in the first routine for Michaels/MacElroy signify?
What is Jimmy's stalker's name?
'Nothing breaks up a team faster than...'
What is the name of Luke Wilson's character?
Name the scores, in order, for both Chazz and Jimmy at the World Winter Sport Games in Stockholm.
What is Chazz Michael Michaels' nickname?
What do they have that all other teams don't have?
What is Jimmy's hair style called?
'Scott, this may be solid gold, but to us it's lighter than air, because dreams...'
Name the actress that plays Katie Van Waldenberg
In what city was Nationals held?
In what direction was the improper turn that the Van Waldenberg parents took?
What type of carpet was in the house the two shared?
What is the name of the Mascot?
Name the actress that plays Fairchild Van Waldenberg

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