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Forced Order
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Chazz is the rug... (1)
Who runs Grublets on Ice?
According to Chazz, where did Katie get her legs from?
Capture the... (1)
According to Chazz, where did Katie get her ass from?
What color ice cone does Jimmy get while on his date?
How much are the hookers that Chazz gets?
What was the name of Chazz's squirrel friend in Grublets on Ice?
The move they pull off in the end
Chazz's coveted brush made out of illegal whale bone?
Which nationality of skater did Hecter turn his attention to after Jimmy was banned?
I am... (2)
Who gives Chazz a boner during his hearing?
What is colder than dry ice?
What does Chazz get thrown at his head during his time in jail?
What song does Chazz want to do the routine to?
Chazz's girlfriend while he was at Grublets on Ice?
What snack was scattered around Chazz and Jimmy's room when Chazz was talking to Jimmy's voicemail
What does Katie tell Jimmy she is going to get waxed?
What was Chazz's porn movie?

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