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Forced Order
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During all experiments students will wear _____ goggles
_____ in the lab is strictly prohibited.
Never misuse or mistreat _____ materials.
Any accident of any kind must be reported immediately to the _____
Students must know where the _____ extinguishers are and how to use them.
Students never have the right to _____ the safety and well being of others.
Students must know where the _____ wash is and how to use it.
Students are to avoid _____ chemical fumes.
Never ____ a test tube at anyone.
Unauthorized experiments are strictly _____.
Minor _____ should be immersed in cold water.
Know the _____ of the phone and firm alarm.
Students will have a _____ for each experiment to be done and this will include safety instructions.
If any solution is _____ on your desk, wash the area with plenty of water immediately.
All cuts and bruises should be treated and then reported to the _____.
Student are never to work in the lab _____.
In case of fainting or collapse, give the person _____ air & keep the head lower than the body.
Chemicals or lab specimens are _____ to be taken from the lab.
Contact _____ should not be worn when using chemicals
In case of severe bleeding apply _____ directly to the wound.
Long hair will be _____ back during experiments
If any substance is spilled on you or gets into your eyes, wash with plenty of _____.
_____ equipment must be reported to the teacher immediately
never touch or taste _____.

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