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A bird flies 24 miles in 2 hours, what is the birds speed?
65 miles/hour is what type of measurement?
What type of measurement is 25 seconds?
Zen runs 7 miles per hour, how far will she travel after 2 hours?
What is the most common frame of reference?
T.H. skates at 3 km/hour, how much distance will he cover in 12 hours?
A change in position over a certain amount of time is called?
A biker travels 84 miles in 4 hours, what is the bikers speed?
What do you call the background point used for comparison of a moving object?
A train covers 60 miles in 0.5 hours, what is the trains speed?
How are speed and velocity different?
Speed that changes is called?
You are rowing a boat at 5 miles/hour down a river flowing at 11 miles/hour, what is your speed?
Can something be moving and also NOT moving?
55 meter/second east is what type of measurement?
What is speed that does not change called?
The rate at which an object moves is called?
Elizabeth's walking speed is 3 miles/hour, how far will she travel in 9 hours?
What type of measurement is 100 meters?
What is the formula for finding speed? (use words only)

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