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When some light passes through an object it is called _____.
Which wavelength is used to transmit radio, television and cell phone signals?
What % of the suns energy gets absorbed by the earths surface?
When no light passes through an object it is called _____.
_____ happens when light energu is bounced off an object at the same angle it comes in at?
_____ happens when light energy is bounced of an object.
When all light passes through an object it is called _____.
The 'Law of _____' states that energy cannot be created or destroyed by ordinary means.
Name one way that the suns rays affect the earth.
The bottom of a wave is called the _____.
Kinetic energy is when there is _____.
The angle at which light approaches a medium is _____.
Which wavelength has the most energy?
What type of wave requires a medium to travel through?
If you are standing at the top of a skateboard ramp, what type of energy do you have?
What protects us from UV-C rays?
When light bends as it passes through an object it is called _____.
_____ energy is due to moving electric charges.
_____ is the number of complete waves that pass a given point in a certain amount of time.
_____ energy is due to the internal motion of an atom.
The top a wave is called _____.
Name one way in which the sun heats the earth (make sure you can explain come test day).
What wave helps us see at night?
List the types of waves in electromagnetic spectrum from shortest to longest wavelengths.
_____ happens when light energy is transferred to an object.
Which wavelength is used in airplanes radar systems?
When you reach the bottom of a skateboard ramp, what type of energy do you have?
Name the color with the 3rd least amount of energy.
_____ is the ability to do work.
Potential energy is _____ energy.
Frequency is measured in _____.
Measuring from crest to crest of a wave is called the _____.
When light passes through an object it is called _____.
_____ energy is found in fuel and food.
Measuring from the midpoint to the crest on a wave is the _____.
The transfer of energy from place to place is called _____.
_____ energy is when the nucleus of an atom splits.
A _____ is the material through which a wave must travel.
What type of wave can travel without a medium?
Put the colors of visible light in order from lowest energy to highest energy.
_____ energy is defined as the energy of motion.
Most dangerous UV ray?

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