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Which law states that one gene from each pair goes to each sex cell?
What do we call a trait that is the weaker of two traits?
This law states that each gene pair for a trait is inherited separately from all other gene pairs for other traits.
The visible characteristics of an organism are called _____.
A characteristic of an organism can also be called a _____.
If two purebred short plants are crossed all of the offspring will be _____.
What is the symbol for a recessive trait?
The passing on of traits from an organism to its offspring is known as _____.
If you crossed Bb x Bb, how many of the offspring will have the same genotype as the parents?
If two pink flowered plants are crossed, what is the chance that pink flowered plants will be produced?
What did Gregor Mendel use to study the inheritance of characteristics?
If (R) represents the gene for red seeds and (r) represents the gene for green seeds, write the genotype for a hybrid red seed.
If a plant is red and has the genotype Rr, what does the R stand for?
An organism that has different genes, (Rr), for a particular trait is called _____.
If two hybrid plants are crossed, what percentage of their offspring will also be hybrids?
If a purebred black-haired guines pig (BB) is crossed with a hybrid black-haired guinea pig (Bb), what percentage of their offspring will be black?
The likelihood that an event may or may not take place is known as _____.
If you toss a coin 90 times and it lands heads up each time, what is the probability that it will land heads up on the next toss?
If genes for red flowers mask genes for white flowers, the red genes are _____.
If two homozygous tall plants are crossed all the offspring will be _____.
What is the process by which the pollen from the stamen of one flower is transferred to the pistil of another flower on a different plant called?
The units of heredity are called _____.
When the genes in a gene pair appear to blend together, the genes are said to show _____.
An organism that genes which are alike, (TT) or (tt), for a particular trait is called _____.
The genetic makeup of an organism is called its _____.

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