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Forced Order
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This New England religious group required education so their children could read the bible.
What was a constant danger that colonial cities had to deal with?
During this colonial time period preachers traveled from colony to colony delivering fiery sermons about God being more powerful than all else.
Where did most colonists live during the 18th century?
These people made up a vital part of the southern colonies labor force.
This New England town is linked to extreme religious laws and witchcraft.
What English document put limits on the king's power?
This book outlines weather conditions, sunrises and sunsets, and when to plant crops.
Lawmaking body with the power to approve laws and taxes.
A formal demand or request.
Colonists developed an _____ based on farming, buying and selling goods, and handcrafts.
What was the most dangerous job on a farm?
Powers and privileges that belong to people.
How society defines qualities like wealth, occupation, and inherited tiles and honors.
Colonial families were generally _____.
Colonists usually combined _____ and _____.
Many colonist thought _____ were unhealthy.

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