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QUIZ: Can you name the members of ARASHI based on traits?

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Forced Order
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TraitARASHI member
Birthday is in June?
Did not audition for Johnny's Entertainment?
Is the shortest?
Birthday is in December?
Writes most of the raps?
Is the youngest?
Is known as a gamer?
Also works as a newscaster?
Is a big fan of Michael Jackson?
Is the leader?
Is Yuuji in Ohmiya SK?
Has had lung surgery?
Birthday is in January?
TraitARASHI member
Is Taka in Ohmiya SK?
Birthday is in November?
Is known for his role in Hana Yori Dango?
Works with animals in a variety show?
Family owns a Chinese restaurant?
Starred in a Clint Eastwood film?
Has had an art exhibition?
Played the saxophone?
Has a degree in Economics?
Had a nude photoshoot with anan?
Does not have his driver's license?
Birthday is in August?

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