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Ninja, Jutsu, Hokage
Guild, Bare chested, Dragon
Game, Sky, White
Psycho, Blood, Diary
Yaoi, Novel, Bears
Host, Roses, School
Weapons, Romance, Songs
God, Weapon, Nekomimi
Shadow, Light, Basket
City, Informant, Chaos
Games, Sword, Harem
Prince, Village girl, Snow white
Girl President, Hot guy, Maid
Laughter, Absurdness, Red cap
Spider, Ant, Hunter
Dolphin, Shark, Whale
Ice skating, Russian, Yuri
Crows, Orange, Weirdos combo
False love, Rich kid, Harem
Cool beauty, Anti-social loner, Hyper girl
Vampire, School guardian, 0
Pirates, Straw hat, Fruits
Sins, Demon, Princess
Emperor, Robot, Geass
Deadpanned angel, Dead teenager, Tears
Super power, Promises, Golden eye
Police, Brains, Mind scanner
Despair, Bear/Panda, Pink Blood
Giants, Flying soldier, Walls
Yellow octopus, Classroom, Karma
Incest, Step brothers, Yaoi
Satan, Exorcist, Half demon
Brother-Sister, Magic user, School
Amnesia boy, Shepherd and Nun, Golden
Twin tail, Mini skirt, Talking Cat
Deserted island, Killing game, Bom
Murder case, Detective kid, Black org.
Childhood friends, Baseball, Time loop
April, Violin, Sad ending
Soul reaper, Black, BANKAI

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