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Can You Name the Bungou Stray Dogs Abilities by the Bad Descriptions?

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Forced Order
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Fatal injuries = healing
Omnivorous coat dragon
Hungry mini Hulk
Keep your hands to yourself; insanity is contagious.
Keeps hat in place
Not an ability feat. tentacles
Weather-induced hallucinations
Not an ability feat. glasses
Last minute warning
'Tree powers activate!'
Creates things from paper
'By night one way/ By day another.'
Jonah and Geppetto think this a good place to stay
Like the devil and angel on your shoulders with guns
Every touch is a shove
Renders everyone else useless
'And by [his] words you will be condemned' (Matthew 12:36-37)
Money is literally power
Can't taste the fruity blast
Ironically controls underlings
Get sucked into a good book
Don't play with this doll
This 'weather'-ing ability will blow you away.
(Probably vengeful) ghost with sword

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