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He is the leader of the study group. He often has a heartwarming speech to wrap things up and bring the group closer together. 'Guys listen...'
She is the buzz kill of the group, she thinks she quite the activist'Duh-Doy'
He is the jock and is the best friend of the human computer. He is also handy with air conditioners and plumbing. 'Gasp! Kettle Korn! Thats a fun time snack!'
Often refered to as teh computer of the group, this character likes to link movies/television to real life. 'Cool. Cool, cool, cool.'
She is considered the mother of the group. She is quite the Christain woman. 'Ooh, that's nice.'
He's old, he's rich, he's racist, and the list can go on and on. He is currently a level five laser lotus. *Insert racist comment
She is the baby of the group, but she also the smartest and has the highest ambitions in the group. She is a cheerful person, but angers when things don't go her way. 'Greendale has warped me like a Barbie in a microwave.'
He is usually the life of the party. 'Pop-pop'
He is the head of the school. How many outfits does this man own?*Insert Dean-ish pun
Once the spanish professor, he is now a student. He often uses his name for puns. 'Ha, gay!'
He pops up every so often and usually has some smart comment to offer. He is one of Greendale's oldest students. 'Shut up Leonard.'
He has quite the facial hair growing on his face. He thinks that adding minor details will hide his facial hair. 'MY NAME IS ALEX!'
The mascot for Greendale Community College. 'What is that thing?'
What game takes place across the campus. The campus is nearly destroyed, twice. 'This is no longer a game, it's...'
The enemy of Greenville Communty College. 'What does libreal arts even mean?'
This is #4's favorite show, that is after Cougar Town gets moved to midseason.This show looks familiar...
This person dropped change down the crack of student's backsides. 'Humans make better banks than piggies.'
These are the best of friends in the show. They sing to a rat, they have a dreamatorium, they have a talk show, they have awesome adventures, and have the most epic handshake. 'Somewhere Out There.' ' the morning.' ' apartment.' ' a bubble.'
This is created while trying to debate who is going to get the pizza. It may be bad, but their goatees are pretty awesome. 'You are now creating six different timelines...'
What all fans of the Greendale community want. 'SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE!'

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