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Which Ottoman Sultans did the following things?

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Which Ottoman Sultan...Name
... was the first to hold the title 'Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques'?
... was born in Dobruja, Bulgaria while his father was on a hunting trip there?
... commissionned a massive Turkish rococo fountain between Hagia Sophia and the imperial gate in Istanbul?
... officially recognized Miloš Obrenović as Prince of Serbia?
... issued the first edict prohibiting Muslims from printing books in Arabic script?
... sent Süleyman Agha to Paris as an envoy to re-establish contact with France?
... built the barracks in Üsküdar for the soldiers of the newly established Nizam-i Djedid Army?
... was in charge when the Ottoman government first declared a sovereign default on its loan repayments?
... was the husband of Haseki Sultan Kösem?
... was the third Ottoman sultan?
Which Ottoman Sultan...Name
... composed 'La Gondole barcarolle' and donated money to Wagner for his Bayreuth Festspielhaus?
... was defeated at Lepanto but annexed Cyprus to the Empire?
... used his position as Caliph to urge the Sulu Sultanate to submit to American rule in the Philippines?
... is known as 'Fatih' in Turkish?
... was asked by the CUP to dissolve the Chamber before the infamous 'Election of Clubs'?
... built the 18th-century Laleli Mosque and has his türbe near it?
... does not share his regal number with any other sultan?
... died the same year as Abdülhamid II?
... was the first to have Sokollu Mehmed Pasha as Grand Vizier?
... reportedly vowed to build 20 mosques in case of victory before the Battle of Nicopolis?

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