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Can you name the answers to the questions about season 8 of 24?

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Ep. 1: Who was planted to be the mole because of having an affair with President Hassan?
Ep. 2: Who was the actual mole and close relative of President Hassan that was trying to kill him?
Ep. 3: Who is Dana Walsh’s ex-boyfriend that is introduced in this episode?
Ep. 4: Who is reintroduced in this episode to infiltrate members of the Russian mob, much to Jack’s dismay?
Ep. 5: What is Oleg Bazhaev dying from, from being “too careless”?
Ep. 6: Who is the real mole in President Hassan’s administration, who also was in a relationship with the president’s daughter?
Ep. 7: Which Russian mobster does Renee Walker kill in this episode?
Ep. 8: One of Bazhaev’s men tortures Jack using what?
Ep. 9: Who is Farhad Hassan’s associate who suggests using the bomb for an immediate attack on Manhattan?
Ep. 10: Where do Cole and Dana put the bodies of Kevin and Nick?
Ep. 11: Who is the suicide bomber that goes to the hospital to “kill” the (already dead) Farhad Hassan?
Ep. 12: Kayla Hassan unknowingly drives a car containing a bomb in it. What building does it severely damage?
Ep. 13: Who is revealed as the mole in this episode?
Ep. 14: Name one of the two men who go against President Taylor’s orders and attempt to surrender President Hassan to the terrorists.
Ep. 15: Who is President Taylor’s close associate that nearly dies of a heart attack but is saved?
Ep. 16: Who receives a silent clock in this episode?
Ep. 17: Who receives a silent clock in this episode?
Ep. 18: Which country backs out of signing the peace treaty before Charles Logan blackmails them?
Ep. 19: Who does Jack take hostage when he realizes Chloe is leading him into a trap at the CTU safehouse?
Ep. 20: Name one of the items that was in Dana’s safebox at the bank.
Ep. 21: Who does Jack very brutally remove the SIMS card from and kill in this episode?
Ep. 22: Who is the only person that Meredith Reed is able to relay the incriminating evidence to before she is arrested?
Ep. 23: Who does Jack use to infiltrate the UN by getting into the back of his car and putting him at gunpoint?
Ep. 24: After much convincing and pleading by Jack himself, who shoots Jack Bauer?
Ep. 24: Which president is unable to sign the peace treaty?
Ep. 24: What does President Taylor tell Jack to do after she saves his life?

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