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Can you name the missing lyrics to 'Same Love' by Macklemore with Ryan Lewis, feat. Mary Lambert?

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LyricsMissing Word
When I was in the _____ grade
I thought that I was ___
'Cause I could ___, my uncle was
and I kept my room _______
I told my mom, ___ rushing down my face
She's like '___ you've loved girls
since before ___-_, trippin''
Yeah, I guess she had a ____, didn't she?
Bunch of __________ all in my head
I remember doing the ____ like
'Yeah, I'm good at little _____'
A _________ idea of what it all meant
For those that liked the same ___
Had the ____________
The right wing _________ think it's a decision
And you can be cured with some _________ and religion
Man-made rewiring of a ____________
Playing ___, aw nah here we go
______ the brave still fears what we don't know
And God loves all his ________, is somehow forgotten
But we __________ a book
written _____-_____ hundred years ago, I don't know
[Chorus] And I can't ______
Even if I _____
Even if I ______ to (x2)
LyricsMissing Word
My ___ (x3)
She keeps me ____ (x4)
If I was gay, I would think ___-___ hates me
Have you read the _______ comments lately?
'Man, that's gay' gets _______ on the daily
We become so _____ to what we're saying
A culture founded from ________
Yet we don't have _________ for 'em
Call each other f******* behind the ____ of a message board
A word rooted in ____,
Yet our ______ still ignores it
Gay is synonymous with the _____
It's the same hate that's caused ____ from religion
Gender to ___ color,
The ________ of your pigment
The same fight that led _______
to walk outs and ___ ins
It's human _____ for everbody,
There is no __________!
Live on and be ________
When I was at _______ they taught me something else
If you preach ____ at the service
Those words aren't ________
That holy _____ that you soak in
Has been _________
LyricsMissing Word
When everyone else is more comfortable remaining __________
Rather than ________ for humans
That have had their rights _____
I might not be the ____, but that's not important
No freedom til we're ____, damn right I support it [repeat chorus]
We press play, don't press _____
Progress, march on with the ___ over our eyes
We turn our _____ on the cause
Till the day that my ______ can be united by law
When kids are walking 'round the ______
Plagued by _____ in their heart
A world so _____
Some would rather ___ than be who they are
And a _________ on paper isn't gonna solve it all
But it's a damn good _____ to start
No ___ is gonna change us
We have to ______ us
Whatever God you _______ in
We come from the ____ one
Strip away the ____
Underneath it's all the same ____
About ____ that we raised [repeat chorus]
Love is _____,
Love is _____
(I'm not ______ on Sundays) x6

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