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Can you name the characters in Tales of Vesperia ?

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Party characters
the protagonist 
the dog 
the princess 
the boy wonder 
the genius mage 
the old man 
the beautiful lancer 
the white knight 
the loli pirate 
the Commandant 
the loner 
the obsessed lunatic 
the one eyed giant 
the buisnessman 
the corrupt captain 
the magistrate 
the red haired girl 
the green haired girl 
the blastia theif 
the Don 
the grandson 
the buisnesswoman 
the man hunting beasts 
the girl hunting beasts 
the leader hunting beasts 
the Duce 
the Duce's advisor 
the excavator 
the sailor 
Imperial Knights
the mysterious captain 
the loud voiced knight 
the girl lieutenant 
the twerpy mage 
tweedle A 
tweedle B 
the princess's instructor 
the beast residing in the desert 
the flying partner 
the mysterious krityan 
the old man in the lower quarter 
the kid in the lower quarter 
the prince 
the man watching flowers blossom 
the wronged Entelexia 
the lost love 
First Strike
the captain 
the father 
the lieutenant 
the smaller one 
the larger one 
the strategist 
the Dog Knight 
the little girl 
the guild leader 

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