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Name Naruto Character By Their Clans

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First Hokage
Second Hokage
1st Hokage's GrandDaughter
1st Hokage's GrandSon
Uchiha's Founder
His Brother
Uchiha Massacre Survivor
Uchiha Assassin
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Female
Master of Puppets
Akatsuki Artist
Akatsuki Swordman (Mist)
Immortal Akatsuki Businessman
Immortal Akatsuki Priest
Akatsuki Spy
Akatsuki Snake
Head of Main Hyuga
Head of Branch Hyuga
Hyuga Princess
Hyuga Prodigy
3rd Hokage
3rd's GrandSon
3rd's Son
Konoha White Fang
Konoha Red Beast
Konoha Yellow Flash
Kumo Golden Brother
Kumo Silver Brother
Uzumaki Pride
Red Hot-Blooded Habanero
Hebi's Female

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