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She gave up on Jesus for living on Venus
I searched the moon I lost my head, I even looked under the bed
Year of the rat last of the litter, Somebody shot the babysitter
I'm wearing my heart on a noose
You're the princess I'm a **** clown
Smell your technicolour in your eyes
Oh, it's really not worth the fight, no ones right
Walking after dark, In the New York City park
Oh how you want it, you're begging for it
We're not alone, oh oh I'll hold your heart and never let go
I don't want to make you cry, cross my heart and hope to die
I woke up in a pool of sweat, At first I thought that I pissed the bed
Write me a letter and send it to my grave, yeah
Say hello from your window, say goodbye from your car
I wouldn't say I'm straight 'cause I'm bent out of shape
I can't stand from falling down, I'm too sick to throw up
Drinking angel's piss, gonna crash and burn
Hey, little kid did you wake up late one day?
Hit the lights and bang the drum and let your flag unfold
Uncomfortable silence, I'll kill it if you want me to

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