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Can you name the 50 Dragon-ball/ Dragon-ball Z characters?

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Characters of DBZCharacter
Main Saiyan
Main Saiyan's son
The three-eyed warrior's companion
Main Saiyan's second son
Prince of the Saiyans/ nemesis of main saiyan
Prince of the Saiyan's son from the future/with his wife in the regular timeline
father of the main saiyan's wife
The fusion of Prince of the Saiyan's son and the main saiyan's second son
Namek warrior that fuses with nail and kami
Husband of one of the androids/ short, destructo disk, bald,
Three-eyed warrior
scars on his face, not a major character in Z, best friend is Puaru
Main Saiyan's brother
Prince of the Saiyan's companion when he first comes to earth
leader of the ginyu force
last member of the force, blue body
big goofy one with red hair, not very important,
Big white hair and a red body
fat and has four eyes
absorbs some of the androids, is killed by Main Saiyan's son with father-son kamehameha
came to namek looking for the Dragon ball, fights the Main Saiyan and he goes super saiyan 1 and destorys him
trained the Main Saiyan in the beginning of the series, taught him the kamehameha attack
fusion of the Main Saiyan and the Prince of the Saiyans
Potara between the Main Saiyan and the Prince of the Saiyans
Main Saiyan's son's alter ego in high school, fights crime
an old pervert, This guy appears after the main saiyan's son accidentally breaks the Z sword in two
god of the Northern Galaxies, his primary purpose on DBZ is putting deceased warriors through rigorous training on his little planet in the after world
one of the kai's assistant, fuses with that one kai
Characters of DBZCharacter
He and his assistant show up at the TenkaiIchi Bodukai near the end of Z, looking for the warrior who was powerful enough to defeat the one who hosted the cell games.
potara of kai's assistant and one of the kais
the good reincarnation of the third stage of buu,
The Main Saiyan's son's wife/ Mr.satan's daughter
most powerful human (self-proclaimed), takes credit for killing cell
The main saiyan's wife
Prince of the Saiyan's wife
Dragon of Earth, summoned by the seven Earth Dragon Balls.
maker of the androids, an android himself
maker of the android's right-hand-man, can absorb ki and people's life force
wife of krillin, blonde hair
the one with black hair and an orange bandana
last of the androids, is not killed by cell, and
the first buu
next buu
last buu
gray buu (not the name,tough oner)
Bibidi's son
Bibidi's son's assistant
After Bibidi's son takes over the Prince of the Saiyans
potara between most powerful human and the main saiyan
Frieza's dad
While he has a handsome appearance in this form, he transforms into a hideous beast in order to access his fullest ki
in charge of the armies that swarmed Namek in search of the Dragon Balls. He's a very powerful warrior, but he didn't do much on the series.
Dragon of Namek, summoned by Guru's Dragon Balls
The main saiyan/ his brother's father
the guardian and caretaker of Kami's Tower.

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