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Can you name the usernames of YouTube Educators?

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Uses a classroom lecture style and a black background and has his own academy.
Started off with videos that easily explained the British Empire, told you how to become the pope, and much more.
Has lecture series on multiple subjects and is hosted by the vlogbrothers.
Shows the rise and fall of empires and the progress of wars with map animations.
Educates you on random facts and deep thoughts with a continuous conversation on things like if everyone jumped at once.
Explains scientific matters easily with the help of a dry erase board.
A channel involving cool facts and information on numbers of all kinds.
Science facts given by cool professors about
Cool information on anything pokemon in the games, show, and anime.
Hank Green talking about anything cool related to science.
Learn how to do simple illusions and mind-boggling tricks or learn about bets you can't lose.
Find the top 10 list of just about everything whether largest explosions or fastest animals.
Physics explained easily in a short time.

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