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Can you name the stuff from these descriptions from Star Wars?

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The race to which Jar Jar Binks belongs
The name of the Jedi with red and white and black striped skin
The name of the weapon used by the Wookie army
The name of the planet Anakin was born on
The name of the podracer who is arch-rivals with Anakin
The name of the boss of the Gungans
The name of the Sith who wields a double-ended lightsaber
The type of droid that R2 D2 is
The colour of Mace Windu's lightsaber
The name of the trade federation's basic starfighter
The name of Jango Fett's spaceship
The planet on which the clones were produced
The name of the Sith that uses a lightsaber with a modified hilt
The name of a droid which can roll and produce a shield
The name of the planet which was the first capital of the Confederacy
The name of the 'Commander of the armies of the confederacy'
The planet Obi-Wan Kenobi kills General Grievous on
The name of the person who assists and then tries to kill Obi-Wan under the orders of the Emperor
The command given by the Emperor to execute the Jedi is called
A Jedi with an extra heart in his head
The force power used to kill Mace Windu
The planet on which Obi-Wan and Anakin have a lightsaber battle in Episode III
The person who Leia is given to for looking after at the end of Episode III
The people Luke is given to for looking after at the end of Episode III
The name of the rock that Luke and Leia are born on
The name of the vehicle driven by the Jawas
The name of the creature which attacks Luke as he is looking through binoculars
The name of the Rodian Han Solo kills in the Cantina
The name of Han Solo's Wookie companion
The name of the Empire's spacestation
The name of the spaceship Luke flies
The name of the planet destroyed by the Empire
The name of the planet the secret Rebel base is on
The name of the Imperial droid which is first sent down to the planet
What is the name of the 4-legged walker used by the Empire
The name of the varient of Stormtrooper used to attack the planet
The creature which captures Luke toward the start of Episode V
The planet Luke finds Yoda on
The name of the planet Lando is found on
The name of the bounty hunter who persues Han Solo to this planet
The material Han Solo is frozen in
The name of the creature Jabba keeps in his palace and attempts to kill Luke with
The name of the creature that kills Boba Fett
The name of the character who announces 'It's a trap!'
The character considered a god by the creatures who live on the Forest Moon
The name of the creature Leia befriends on the Forest Moon
What does AT-ST stand for?
The name of the moon which houses the Empires space station's shield generator
The small bear-like creatures found on this moon
The character who kills the Emperor

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